Flying with Delta and Your Golf Clubs

Here is a quick travel tip when flying with your golf clubs on Delta Airlines within the United States.

Keep your golf travel case or bag under 50 pounds.

Even if you are a few pounds over they will charge you $25.00.

But of course there are exceptions, if you are a Medallion Member they have different guidelines.

Now is that fair ? seriously think about it :???:

We can understand the weight limits, but they should be straight a crossed the board. Just because a person flies more with Delta, should they be able to carry on more weight than anyone else ?

We don’t think so, sorry Medallion Members, you should get better pricing on flights, better upgrade opportunities, and rewards points or frequent flyer miles but, being able to carry more weight than other passengers just doesn’t make much sense.

So when flying with Delta Airlines make sure your golf case or bag is under 50 pounds. So you don’t get stuck spending $25.00 to get your clubs on your golf vacation, and another $25.00 just to get them home again.