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Upcoming Glow Ball Golf Tournament

There will be a Orange County Glow Ball Golf Tournament on November 19th (11/19/11). At Brea Creek Golf Course in Orange County, Southern California. If you are interested, or would like more details you can click the link above and fill out the form. From what we heard it will be a Shotgun Start, 2-Man-Scramble. […]

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What is a 2 or 4 Man Scramble?

Scramble: A 2 or 4 Person Scramble is a golf tournament or outing that is played with 2 or 4 person teams. Most commonly played with 2 people, a “2-Man-Scramble” (or 2-Woman-Scramble), is a tournament where each player tees off their first shot and then decides which ball’s lie is better, and then the player […]

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What Is A Scratch Golfer?

There are many golf terms that get thrown around and a “scratch golfer” is one of them. It’s been apparent to us that even the average golfer doesn’t know what it means. The most common thing that is gets confused with is a “bogie golfer”; many people think “scratch” means a mess up, making them […]

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River View Golf Course

River View has recently improved the conditions of their tee boxes and greens. The dogleg lefts and rights can be very tight; when in doubt… pick your straightest club. River View’s 15th Tee Box Ty Rated Customer Service   Overall Conditions     Undulations / Bends   Views / Environment     Overall Difficulty Green […]

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River View Golf Course Cell Phone Backgrounds

A few of us played River View Golf Course and there have been many changes since the last time we had played there. As always the customer service was great, and we were especially impressed with the conditions of the tee boxes and greens. He are a few images cropped to be cell phone backgrounds: […]

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How To Mark A Hole-In-One?

This is a question that doesn’t come up often, but still something good to know. But, we are not really sure… To the best of our knowledge it goes as follows: Hole-In-One = TRIANGLE Eagle = DOUBLE CIRCLE Birdie = CIRCLE Par = Nothing Bogie = SQUARE Double Bogie = DOUBLE SQUARE Triple Bogie = […]

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Black Gold Golf Course

Once you arrive you see the beautiful driving range to your left, lush green grass and easy bag drop. In the clubhouse we were greeted very politely and we were quite impressed with the customer service. Black Gold’s 18th Green Ty Rated Customer Service Overall Conditions Undulations / Bends Views / Environment Overall Difficulty Green […]

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