How to pack your golf clubs for a flight.

Pick your case

The first thing you have to do when packing your golf clubs is to pick your traveling case. You really have two basic choices, soft case or a hard case.

A soft case is quit easy most of the time, but we do not recommend the use of soft cases when traveling with the airlines. The main reason for that is they are not insured by the airlines if something were to happen during the flight from drop off to baggage claim.

Ty Airlines ;)

But if you are going to use a soft case there are things you can do help protect your clubs. The one thing we recommend is using some way of taking pressure off the top of your clubs.

A good way to do that is get some 1 1/2 pvc pipe and cut it just longer than your driver. Then make one end a “T” that is just barely wider than your club bag. Just place it in with your clubs and then in side the soft case to help keep pressure off your clubs.

Overall we recommend that you use a hard case for your clubs during any flight when checking your clubs. Since you are “basically insured� by the airline, and they just take better care of your equipment.

Emplty THC-3 hard case

Our “Ty Favorite� hard cases are the two from BagBoy, the THC-3 staff bag case and the stand bag case. The larger staff bag size is solid black and the slightly smaller stand bag case is silver in color.

Each of the BagBoy hard cases mentioned break away in to 3 pieces for easy storage. The break away makes it so easy to pack, you can go layer by layer to help protect your clubs from moving around during the flight.

Pick your items to pack

You have to be careful about what you try and pack in with your clubs, like towels, shoes, jackets, etc. Because every airline with have different guidelines, mainly weight restrictions and some will only allow certain items packed in with your clubs. See your airline for their restrictions.

Pick your extra padding

If you can pack extra items the easiest things to use as padding are your golf shoes or extra shoes, windbreaker or jacket, extra towels, and even your shoe bag if you have one.

Start packing :

Packing your clubs like packing anything else is just like Tetris, you have got to fit everything with minimal space in between.

Packing your clubs with covers Packing with extra padding Use your golf shoes to help center your bag Final step add the extra paddng at top

First thing is to cover your clubs even your irons and wedges with the small neoprene covers for protection. Then put on your rain cover, place one or two golf towels in side and zip it up. Place your shoes at the bottom level one on each side helping center your clubs.

Then place the second hard piece on. With the second level on the hard case you can now put in bigger items like towels jackets etc. Then just place what you can around the top of your clubs to keep it as close the center during travel.

 Unique identifier for your travel case

Unique identifier

After you have sealed your case lock it up and try to place a unique identifier on your case. You can paint or mark you case, place a colored string or ribbon, or some type of brightly colored reminder that that is your case. It helps you and others whom see a similar case but know it’s not theirs because they didn’t have a bright green string tied around the handle.

Finished and packed hard case

What to worry about

Keep in mind that airlines have weight restrictions, some are 50 some are 75 pounds. Also each airline has different guidelines so you may or may not be able to use our packing guide. Each airline that does insure your golf clubs with a hard case will all have different dollar amount coverage and overall guidelines so make sure to check with your specific airline.

To play it safe when you are checking in at the airport with your clubs have your other bag not completely full so if they tell you your case is over weight, just take out a few of your heavier extra items like shoes and put them in your other checked bag.

Then you will mostly likely take your clubs to “Over-Sized� check in, they will ask to open your case to inspect for security purposes.

Unlock the case for them but, make sure to wait around so that once they have done their inspection you can lock up your bag again for the travel to the baggage claim at your destination.