See open, closed, and square club faces

If you are new to golfing or just want to better understand what is going on, we want to help you. Golf terms can be confusing like Heel, Toe, Square Face, Closed Face, or Open Face. So we would like to help clarify in the most simplest way for everyone to understand.

The heel and toe of a club face

Your club face is just the area of your club head that makes contact with the ball. The heel of the club face is at the base were your shaft connects with the club head. The toe of your club face is just the opposite, the tip of your club.

You may have the best golf clubs that money can buy, you may have the best golf swing that anyones has every seen.

A swing that Jason Gore and other top pro golfers would be jealous about. But, if you don’t have your club face square on impact, then all of that won’t mean squat !

Well, what does a “squared club face” mean ?

It just means that the face to you club, whether it’s a driver, wedge, or even your putter must be square, straight or flat with the ball to the direction you are trying to hit it.

This is a squared club face

What is a ‘closed club face” ?

When you have a closed club face that just means that your toe of your club is too forward and your club head is pointed towards your body.

Example of a closed club face

Then what is a “open club face” ?

If you have a open club face it is just the opposite of closed, and the toe of your club is too back, pointing your club face away from your body.

Shows what an open club face looks like

Even if you have a perfect swing, perfect tempo, and perfect follow through, if you have an opened or closed club face you will never hit the ball remotely straight.

Quick breakdown:

  1. If you hit the ball with a perfect swing with a closed face, the ball will most likely “Pull, Draw, or Hook”.
  2. If you hit the ball with a perfect swing with a open face, the ball will most likely “Push, Fade, or Slice”.
  3. Now if your swing is not perfect you can end up with the rest of the ball flight paths like “Hook, Slice, Push Slice, or Pull Hook“.

So the end result is just to make sure that you keep your club face square through impact, and a perfect swing won’t hurt either. 😉

Here is a quick tip to help you get your body weight through the ball when teeing off with your driver or woods.

Here are a few examples to help you see what type of golf swing follow through that you have.