Did Someone Get Shot at Los Serranos ?

Many silly rumors find their way around golf courses, people hear stories and by the time they tell someone else, the story has changed. Some times the rumors are true and some times they are purely made-up.

As for the rumor that someone got shot at Los Serranos Golf Course, well its completely false. But something did happen to inspire that rumor. It wasn’t as dramatic as the rumor, but a story none the less.

Our understanding from what a couple of employees explained to us, was that in the summer of 2005 on a fairly busy day, a foursome kept getting hit up on by the group behind them, by Raymond Y? a reserve deputy with Orange County Sheriffs Department. Raymond was apparently trying to hurry them up, by hitting up on them.

On the 14th hole, one in the group got hit, so another from that same group threw the golf ball away. Then reserve deputy Yi, whom hit the ball, came up to the group and demanded that he get his ball back. The golfer basically said forget about your ball, and was then pushed by Y.

At this point they were pretty far from the parking lot, and apparently the reserve deputy decided to drive his cart back to his car where he had his gun. Then drove back to the group, and as we were told, at about the 16th hole he showed his badge and pulled his gun on the group yelling obscenities at them.

No bullets were ever fired and no one was hurt, but reserve deputy Raymond Yi was arrested.

Los Serranos Country Club staff should be commended on they way they handled the circumstances. They were swift to get the police on site and safely dissolve the situation. All the players were taken care of and spoke highly of the way the course handled it.

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