Hook or a Slice – What’s the difference ?

Some of the most common misconceptions in golf are the terms people use when referring to the outcome of a shot, whether the shot had a slice or a draw.

Most people get the terms mixed up, and here at Ty Daniels, we decided to set the record straight. Some shots are done on purpose to help get around hazards or dog legs, but for the most part these are badly hit shots.

This chart is made from the point of view of a "Right Handed" golfer, for "Left Handed" just flip it around. Use this chart to see just what your bad shots are really called 😉

Ty Daniel's Hook, Slice, Draw or Fade chart

A "Hook Shot" is normally a badly hit ball that curves hard left. A hook can be from a hitting the ball with a closed club face, or bringing your upper body around too quickly. A shot that hooks is very hard to control so it is rarely a shot played on purpose.

A "Slice Shot" is the complete opposite of a "Hook Shot", it is when the ball curve hard right. A slice is the most common mistake of amateur golfers, by hitting the ball with an open club face and causing the ball to slice hard right. A slice can also be from moving your lower body quicker than your upper body making it so your club face is open on impact.

A "Draw Shot" starts out straight but slightly curves left or "draws to the left". A draw shot can be a shot played on purpose but normally only by skilled golfers. For the amateur a having a shot with a draw is normally because of a closed club face on impact, or swinging slightly inside-out.

A "Fade Shot" is the complete opposite of a "Draw Shot" it starts out straight and slightly curves right. Again this shot can be played on purpose but normally only by skilled golfers. A shot with a fade can be caused from an open club face on impact or by swinging slightly outside-in.

Now a "Pull Shot" or "Pulled" does not curve, it is a shot that is hit straight and left of your intended target. If you pulled your shot you’re normally moving your upper body quicker than your lower body, causing you to pull the shot left. A pulled ball flight it can also slightly turn in causing a “Pull Slice” or called “Pull Fade” (not pictured). So the ball starts out straight and to the left of your target but starts to curve back right at the last stage in flight. The pull slice normally ends up much shorter that if hit pure.

And a "Push Shot" or "Pushed" is the complete opposite of a "Pulled shot", it does not curve but goes straight and right of your intended target. A pushed shot can be caused by moving your upper body too slowly causing you to push the shot out to the right. Now a pushed ball flight can also slightly turn inwards causing a “Push Hook” or called “Push Draw” (not pictured) ball flight. The flight of the ball starts out straight and to the right of your intending target, but starts to arc left towards your target at the last stage in flight. These shots also noramally end up much shorter that if you a the ball purely.

Well if they are all the badly hit shots what is it called when you hit a shot correctly ?

It’s called a "Purely Hit Shot" or a "Pure Shot", and it can only be explained as a great shot straight and inline with your intended target. The end goal is for a purely hit golf ball, straight at your target. :)