Why Do Golfers Only Say fore ?

There are so many golf terms that are thrown around now a days and most people rarely know what they mean. It is funny how sometimes you may say what you hear other people say before you even fully understand what it means.

So out of all the ways to tell some to “Watch Out !”, why do golfers only yell “Fore

Well there are many different reasons that people have come with that we have heard over the years.

While on the course you may hear all types of things, the most outrageous explanation we heard was that you would yell fore because you were warning any people ahead of your that you were hitting form a par 4 and to watch out.

This was our runner up, someone once told us that it meant that you were landing 4 after that shot so you were yelling to warn and out of anger.

Both of those reasons are totally ridiculous and both times knowing that when we were told, we let the person telling us walk away thinking they were right.

The real reason people only yell “fore» when trying to warn people ahead of them of a stray golf ball, is impossible to tell. Like knowing how they built the pyramids. :P

The USGA references the term as long ago as the 1700s and the British Golf Museum has referenced it as far back as 1881, no direct definition but there are basically two explanations that make the most sense.

1.) Think of the word “fore” like a ship‘s fore and aft (forward and back), so instead of yelling “watch out ahead”, or “ball heading forward”, for short you can just yell ”fore”.

2.) Or think of ”fore” like ”before”, as you might say “Watch out before you get hit by my golf ball that I hit so badly that it might hit you even if you are 2 fairways over.”

The word fore is also short for yelling to your forecaddie to let them know the ball is headed their way.