How to Fly with Your Golf Clubs

The most important part of golf travel is making the plans. That is where we come in, Ty Daniels can help pack in all the rounds of golf and entertainment that you can fit in your trip. By having all your tee times and entertainment planned you can just go through the motions of a smooth vacation.

After you have your plans set, before your trip, you must pack wisely. Packing for a golf trip is very different from a normally vacation. If it is a short trip (i.e. weekend mini tour) you might have more golf stuff than clothes. In our experiences with flying you should try to carry on as much as you can and check only your golf clubs with the airline.

Stay in control of your baggage, by having it with you.

It might seem like a hassle not checking all your bags, but it insures that they don’t get lost or any damage occurs. Think about packing in two sections. First section is packing your clubs which you will check, and second is your clothes and personal items which you will carry on the flight.

When packing your clubs keep in mind that the airlines have weight restrictions and will only insure your golf clubs if in a hard-case?. If you are still using a soft-case? You’re traveling at your own risk.

A good thing to do when packing your clubs is to fit everything you can in your case with your clubs (shoes, jacket / wind breaker, golf towels, etc.). But, remember that airlines have weight limits so there is a fine line has to how much you want to pack. Normally 50 pounds is a good weight to stay under, over that most airlines will charge you. Check with your airlines directly for more details before your flight, every airline will have different guidelines.

When packing your case with clubs a good thing to do is use your extra towels and/or wind breakers to help pad your clubs even more with in the hard case. Then your clubs will not flop around as much inside the case during travel. Try putting your rain cover on your bag, and then place a towel inside as padding.

The basic idea is to keep everything in its place, when traveling the airline staff will throw the case around every witch way and it will need to be OK whether upright or upside-down.

Some airports still have curb-side check in? but try not to count on it for convenience. Since golf clubs are considered an over-sized? bag you will have to take them to over-sized check in? anyway.

Now this is important: when you take your clubs to the over-sized check in? you will have to open your case for security procedures. If your have locks on your case you will have to open the case for the inspection. But, if you wait around you can lock your case after inspection, so that during the flight the case is locked until it gets back to you at your destination.

Then when you arrive you will have all your clothes and personal items, all you will have to pick up are your clubs at over-sized baggage claim?. In our experiences your clubs normally show up before your bags and if you only need to pick up your clubs you can get out of the airport faster.

Keep in mind that in some airports your over-sized bags will come out on the regular baggage claim. Just ask your airline attendant at the arrival airport if you are unsure.

Once through the baggage claims your next step is meeting people, a rental car or a limo service. With all of the Ty Daniels Golf Packages it is always your choice of rental car and/or limo service.

Now you are on your way to enjoy your golf trip ;)