Why is it called a Birdie, or is it Birdy ?

Just another golf terminology thrown around the course is “Birdie“.

We all know that we want birdies but why is it called a birdie anyway ?

The “birdie” came from golfers at the Atlantic City Country Club in 1899.

The term ‘birdie’ originated in the United States in 1899.  H.B. Martin’s “Fifty Years of American Golf” contains an account of a foursomes match played at the Atlantic City (N.J.) CC.  One of the players, Ab Smith relates: “my ball… came to rest within six inches of the cup.  I said ‘That was a bird of a shot… I suggest that when one of us plays a hole in one under par he receives double compensation.’  The other two agreed and we began right away, just as soon as the next one came, to call it a ‘birdie.’  In 19th century American slang, ‘bird’ refereed to anyone or anything excellent or wonderful.

In 1924, the wood tee was made popular by Dr. William Lowell from Maplewood, New Jersey. New Jersey is also home to the USGA’s (United States Golf Association) Museum in Far Hills.

New Jersey has some of the best championship golfing in the country. No matter which region of New Jersey you’re in, a golf course is always within a short driving distance.

Mountain views in the north, Ocean views in the south and hills and trees in the center offer a great backdrop for any round of golf.

There are over 120 public courses and golf clubs to choose from. Some famous golf courses are: Crystal Springs Golf Course, Atlantic City Country Club, Baltusrol, Pebble Creek Golf Club and The Sand Barrens Golf Club. Private golf courses and country clubs number close to fifty throughout the state.

Golf communities are becoming popular in New Jersey. Houses are being built around the golf courses and are named their own community, offering a clubhouse, restaurants, and even schools for all who live within the development. Some clubs are private and only allow residents to golf while others remain open to anyone. Golf communities in New Jersey include: The Fairways at Mays Landing and Crystal Springs.