ItsCalled a Divot Repair Tool for a Reason

A divot repair tool is not called a pocket weight. It really is supposed to “Repair” your “Divot” that you made in the green. How come people don’t fix their own divots, are people lazy, are people doing it on purpose just to mess the greens up? We always want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but come on, how hard is it too fix your divot.

Does the average golfer know what a divot repair tool is ?

Do any of these look familiar ?

 We even through you a bone in there, the tee can be used to fix your divot too. These tools are all around you, most golfers have more than one. Some golf courses even give you a free one at the start of the round just to help keep their greens in better condition.

Golfers seem to be getting lazy, more and more courses seem to have chewed up fairways, un-repaired greens, and un-raked sand traps. We are responsible for some things, we the golfer need to fix our divots on the tee box, fairways and greens, and we need to rake the sand after shots.

Do you know how to use a divot repair tool ?

We have to work together and all clean up after our selves. Golf technology may have changed over the years but golf etiquette never will.

How pissed off are you when you hit a great drive right in the middle of the fairway, but when you get up to it, you notice your ball is sitting in a huge divot ? Some people will just move the ball a few inches but what if your more serious or in some sort of tournament ?

All golfers need to fix their divots to help the golfer behind them, its Golf Karma not just golf etiquette, if you dont fix you divots something bad will happen to you. Hey if it takes a scare tactic, then fine, we just want the divots fixed and sand raked. 😉

How to Use a Divot Repair Tool

Many golfers have been playing the game for years and have never really known the correct way to use a divot repair tool to fix their ball marks.

The higher end golf courses seem to offer repair tools with greens fee, and they normally have a pamphlet on the correct way to use it. But so many golfers just don’t look at it, they think they know but, many have had it backwards.

If a divot is not repaired correctly everyone suffers from the bad conditions on the green afterwards. But if done correctly every golfer can help ensure that greens stay in better shape, and that’s just good golf etiquette.


A lot of people think that you need to push up the ground that is at the bottom of the divot, and that is incorrect. To fix it the right way you have to close the gap and push the sides of the divot together.

To use a divot repair tool the right way :

  • 1.) Place it in the ground just outside the ball mark it self.
  • 2.) Push down and forward to push the ground closer together.
  • 3.) Then move the tool to either side to close the divot.
  • 4.) Finish it off by tapping lightly on the ball mark to level it out with your putter.

Yup, its really that simple. 😉

If your on golf vacation and your round is going great there isn’t much worse than making a great putt and then hitting someone else divot causing you to miss. Or, chipping on the green and hitting a divot making your ball go way off the original line.

Golf Etiquette When to Wave up

Some golfers may know how to hit the ball, but don’t know a thing about golf etiquette ( commonly misspelled edicate or ediquette ). They seem to disassociate the actual rules of golf with the etiquette, but aren’t they really the same thing.

One main thing about golf etiquette is knowing when to wave other golfers up.

By “wave other golfers up” we mean, allowing the group of golfers directly behind you to tee off or hit up, while you are still playing on the same hole.

Most golf courses have set holes in their course rules that you are to “wave up” on, but how many golfers actually do ? Not many !

Here is the biggest clue on any hole that you should let other golfer hit up, your group is playing too slow or you are playing a hole that the course rules instruct you to. ;)

The first and main reason to allow other golfers to hit up, is to speed up play.

On a long enough par 3 hole ( like pictured above at Talega Golf Course ), the first group tees off, then goes down to the green and waves the group behind them to hit up. Then after they tee off, the first group finishes out the hole and fix their ball marks, as the second group is traveling down to the green.

With a par 3 hole that is shorter, it is normally quicker to play one group at a time.

So what if you are playing on a hole that is not in the course rules to wave up and your group is slowing up the golfers behind you ?

Do wave them up, if:

  1. Your group is being held up by the group in front of you and your on a long enough hole to let the golfers behind you hit up. Then as they are traveling up for their next shot, your group is moving up to the green or next shot.
  2. Your group is falling behind and there is space in front of you for their group to either hit up or just play through. Sometimes it’s best to let group behind you just play through, when the group in front of you is far enough ahead.

Don’t wave them up or let them play through, if:

There is a group of golfers directly in front of you, or the group behind you is only moving slightly faster. Since it will only bunch up again right in front of you. That wouldn’t help your group or the golfers behind you move any faster.

South Mountain Utah Golf Wallpapers

From all of our photos we have taken at South Mountain we put these together for everyone to be able to have for their desktop. South Mountain Golf Course in Draper Utah has amazing views and conditions some of these are absolutely breath taking photos.

Our favorite photos are constantly changing as we are adding new ones so make sure to check back.It was hard to pick just 3 photos to start, above was our “Ty Favorite”. The photo makes it look like there is a hugh body of water to the right in the distance, but it’s just the hugh mountain shadow. ;)

You can just make out the flags in both of the above photos, allowing you to see the full scale of difficulty head. The par 3 on the right is a tough number, with a false front it makes it very hard to judge the distance.

Next time your planning your golf vacation to Salt Lake area of Utah, Draper is a very close, so make sure to include this course in your trip.

Cedar Hills Golf Wallpapers

Here are a few of our top Cedar Hills Golf Course photos that we are adding to our free desktop wallpaper collection.

The mountains are just breath taking all around you, while playing here. But if you cant get there you might as well have a great desktop background to help motivate you to go and travel.


It is quite hard to see in the thumbnail picture above but there is mother duck with her ducklings in the water that goes through and around this hole at Cedar Hills. Once you click the image you can see all the details nd just how beautiful it is.


It can be hard to see where your ball lands as you find yourself staring at the mountain views. Plus anytime you have drastic color differences like the brown mountains to the lush green of the fairways, its hard to see the ball.

The flowers in the picture above and on the left, are an amazing contrast bringing out reds and yellows on the course. Above and to the right is a example to show just how much room in between each hole and adjacent fairways.

Cedar Hills Golf Club in the Salt Lake area of Utah, is perfect for your next group golf vacation or event.

Fawn on Valley View Golf Course

Sometimes you get surprises right next to you on the fairway or tee box, most of the time it is your fellow golfers being a nuisance. But, sometimes it’s just nature right next to you.

We have had all types of stories come around, from huge hawks catching prey on the fairway, to a lynx or bobcat at the champions tee right behind them. But neither of these examples have any good pictures to prove it.

Well sometimes we get lucking when we are able to catch nature on the golf course. When we were at Valley View Golf Course in Utah we were caught by surprise by a mother deer and her two fawns. We got two great photos that we wanted to share with you.

Above is one of the baby fawns only a few feet away from us on the tee box. You can even see the mother behind the tree just a few feet behind.

Here is the mother by herself. They were great to see, and had a great effect on the over all experience at the golf course.

It’s time’s like these that you’ll always remember :)

Valley View Golf Wallpapers

We wanted to share some our favorite photos from Valley View Golf Course in Layton, Utah.

There were a lot of pictures we took that turned out great, but a few stood out from the bunch. Valley View is a great course for views and wildlife, in most of the bigger water hazards there were large to huge bull frogs, deer and her fawn next to tee box, and it all just makes for a wonderful golf experience.

Birds on the 15th tee at Valley View golf course

Pictured above is the tee box of the 15th hole, over a huge water hazard to the green in the far left of the photo. From the blue tee boxes behind (not pictured) the water is in play for longer drivers.

Lone tree on the fairway of Valley View golf course

Above is a great photo of a lone tree right in the turn of the dog leg on this fairway. The average drive will leave you just short of the turn and you are left with a lot of fairway to work with still before the green.

18th green at Valley View Golf Course in Utah

Above you can see the 18th green of Valley View golf course, seems like the green is on a cliffside, well it basically is. The mountan views behind the green are just breath taking.

Lone golfer on the fairway of Valley View golf course

From the blue tees you can see how the hole goes downhill and to the left to the green in the center of the photo above. This is a great photo showing the full experience of teeing off with those types of views at Valley View Golf Course.

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Desktop Wallpapers

You can save the full size images to display right on your desktop as a great golf wallpapers. There are 2 sizes so make sure to grab the right one to fit your computer screen. We are currently working on our full review of this course but here are some of our favorite pictures for your desktop !

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Course in SoCal

Other golf wallpapers
It’s hard to see from the thumbnail size picture but the above image has amazing sun rays coming down from above. Along with the great view of the fairway with the mountain side. It’s a very intimidating place to tee-off.
Above and to the left, is a side view of the front tees for the 13th water hole, it’s a great contrast of colors. Then above and to the right, are the back tees showing just how difficult the 13th hole is from the back tee boxes.

Tustin Ranch Golf Desktop Wallpapers

Here are some great photos of Tustin Ranch golf course in Orange County California. These were 3 of our favorite images. Tustin Ranch is very high end course for Southern California, and is quite expensive, but worth it if you have it, and worth it to splurge, if you don’t !!

Tustin Ranch Golf Course in SoCal

Above you can see 2 greens over the water, from were the picture was taken the green on the right is the green in play for that hole. The water hazards at this course are very abundant and can be seen in each of our free desktop wallpapers for Tustin Ranch.
The picture above and to the left, is a par 3 hole that you have to shoot over the fountain, and can be very tough to keep it on the green with it’s false front and bunkers.

Then to the right is a longer hole that you need to carry the water to make the fairway. You can see more images and read our full review of Tustin Ranch golf course.

Australian Golfers Have Kangaroo Hazards

Depending on where you play golf the hazards can vary from big sand traps or bunkers to “beachfront” water hazards lining a side of a fairway.

But some courses have “regulars” or “natives” that you have to watch out for. By that we mean mother nature, some mountain courses you have to watch out for bears, some bobcats or lynx, and even snakes !

At Coyote Hills golf course you have to watch out for, both snakes and squirrels. Signs say not to look for your ball in certain out-of-bounds areas because the possibility of poisonous rattle snakes.

Then the squirrels, the seem to plan ambushes to steal your snacks or lunch right off your golf cart. You park your cart by the green and once you go to putt they attack your cart and run off into the woods with your food.

“Sun City Golf Course” in Australia, you have kangaroo hazards !
Not that they will attack you, or poison you, but they might try and steal food from you. The kangaroos seem to coexist on the course and create a great atmosphere.

Sun City Country Club is one of the top ten courses in Western Australia, and has also made it on the list of the top 50 golf courses in Australia nationwide.

For more information on this course you can visit there website, or visit them just a 15 minute drive from Mindarie.

Address Phone Numers Website
St. Andrews Drive
Yanchep, Western Australia, 6035
Office: 08 9561 1148
Pro Shop: 08 9561 1352