Did Someone Get Shot at Los Serranos ?

Many silly rumors find their way around golf courses, people hear stories and by the time they tell someone else, the story has changed. Some times the rumors are true and some times they are purely made-up.

As for the rumor that someone got shot at Los Serranos Golf Course, well its completely false. But something did happen to inspire that rumor. It wasn’t as dramatic as the rumor, but a story none the less.

Our understanding from what a couple of employees explained to us, was that in the summer of 2005 on a fairly busy day, a foursome kept getting hit up on by the group behind them, by Raymond Y? a reserve deputy with Orange County Sheriffs Department. Raymond was apparently trying to hurry them up, by hitting up on them.

On the 14th hole, one in the group got hit, so another from that same group threw the golf ball away. Then reserve deputy Yi, whom hit the ball, came up to the group and demanded that he get his ball back. The golfer basically said forget about your ball, and was then pushed by Y.

At this point they were pretty far from the parking lot, and apparently the reserve deputy decided to drive his cart back to his car where he had his gun. Then drove back to the group, and as we were told, at about the 16th hole he showed his badge and pulled his gun on the group yelling obscenities at them.

No bullets were ever fired and no one was hurt, but reserve deputy Raymond Yi was arrested.

Los Serranos Country Club staff should be commended on they way they handled the circumstances. They were swift to get the police on site and safely dissolve the situation. All the players were taken care of and spoke highly of the way the course handled it.

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Why Do Golfers Only Say fore ?

There are so many golf terms that are thrown around now a days and most people rarely know what they mean. It is funny how sometimes you may say what you hear other people say before you even fully understand what it means.

So out of all the ways to tell some to “Watch Out !”, why do golfers only yell “Fore

Well there are many different reasons that people have come with that we have heard over the years.

While on the course you may hear all types of things, the most outrageous explanation we heard was that you would yell fore because you were warning any people ahead of your that you were hitting form a par 4 and to watch out.

This was our runner up, someone once told us that it meant that you were landing 4 after that shot so you were yelling to warn and out of anger.

Both of those reasons are totally ridiculous and both times knowing that when we were told, we let the person telling us walk away thinking they were right.

The real reason people only yell “fore» when trying to warn people ahead of them of a stray golf ball, is impossible to tell. Like knowing how they built the pyramids. :P

The USGA references the term as long ago as the 1700s and the British Golf Museum has referenced it as far back as 1881, no direct definition but there are basically two explanations that make the most sense.

1.) Think of the word “fore” like a ship‘s fore and aft (forward and back), so instead of yelling “watch out ahead”, or “ball heading forward”, for short you can just yell ”fore”.

2.) Or think of ”fore” like ”before”, as you might say “Watch out before you get hit by my golf ball that I hit so badly that it might hit you even if you are 2 fairways over.”

The word fore is also short for yelling to your forecaddie to let them know the ball is headed their way.

Glow Light Up Golf Balls Patent Infringement Lawsuits

There are 4 main different kinds of glowing or light up night time golf balls, made by 2 different companies, Chemical Light, Inc. and Sun Products USA, Inc.


Chemical Light makes:

  • Glow Flyer Golf ball with single use glow stick inside.
  • Night Flyer Golf ball with LED light inside.

Sun Products USA makes:

  • Twilight Tracer Balls Golf ball with red blinking LED lights inside.
  • Twilight Supernova Balls Golf ball with non-blinking blue LED lights inside.

Chemical Light is currently suing Sun Products for patent infringement. Also Sun Products is trying to get a Judgement saying they are not infringing on United States Patent No. 6,042,487 entitled “Illuminated Golf Ball”.

There are three different cases that deal with the on going lawsuits here are some of the court documents:

  • 1:03-cv-01279 Chem Light Inc v. Sun Prod Inc
    Date filed: 02/20/2003
    Date terminated: 11/13/2003
    Date of last filing: 11/18/2003
  • 0:11-cv-02107-JNE-JJG Sun Products USA, LLC v. Chemical Light, Inc.
    Date filed: 07/27/2011
    Date of last filing: 11/21/2011
  • 1:11-cv-05667 Chemical Light, Inc. v. Sun Products USA, LLC. et al
    Date filed: 08/19/2011
    Date of last filing: 11/03/2011

First Chemical Light sued Sun Products back in 2003, Sun Products agreed to a settlement, by becoming a licensed distributor under Chemical Light and administratively dissolved through the Secretary of State of Minnesota. But then after that, it seems they rescinded on the settlement and reopened as Sun Products USA and began selling the Twilight Supernova. Seems that Sun Products then filed for Judgement to show they were not infringing on the Chem Light Patent. The third case shows that Chemical Light then sued them again for patent infringement.

The most recent updates we have are:

1:11-cv-05667 Chemical Light, Inc. v. Sun Products USA, LLC. et al:

      • There is that there is a phone conference scheduled for 12/5/2011.

      • Filed & Entered:  11/03/2011
        Docket Text: MINUTE entry before Honorable Matthew F. Kennelly: Status hearing held with attorneys for plaintiff and Mr. Gill appearing for himself and for the “LLC” defendant. The Court advised Mr. Gill that an “LLC” defendant cannot appear pro se and must have an attorney and that the Court will hold Sun Products, LLC in default unless an answer has been filed by counsel representing Sun Products, LLC. A telephone status hearing, to be initiated by the parties, is set for 12/5/2011 at 9:00 A.M. Mailed notice by judges staff. (srb,)

0:11-cv-02107-JNE-JJG Sun Products USA, LLC v. Chemical Light, Inc.

    • Sun Products are reissued the Summons with Complaint.

    • Filed & Entered: 11/21/2011
      Docket Text: Summons Reissued as to Chemical Light, Inc.

We will try to keep everyone up to date to see what the courts say about this. We are very interested because it could change what night golf balls are available on the market and in the end it could even effect the quality of the balls, depending on whom is still making them.

Email us with any questions or comments, we will post them here…

More Updates

1:11-cv-05667 Chemical Light, Inc. v. Sun Products USA, LLC. et al:

12/06/2011 Expedited referral to magistrate judge

    • Docket Text: Pursuant to Local Rule 72.1, this case is hereby referred to the calendar of Honorable Jeffrey T. Gilbert for the purpose of holding proceedings related to: settlement conference. (gl) Judicial staff mailed notice.

12/06/2011 set/reset hearings

    • Docket Text: MINUTE entry before Honorable Jeffrey T. Gilbert: This case has been referred to Magistrate Judge Gilbert for the purpose of conducting a settlement conference. Status hearing scheduled for 12/15/11 at 9:45 a.m. No initial status report required. However, the parties should be prepared to address the subjects referenced in Magistrate Judge Gilberts Standing Order for Initial Status Report posted on the Courts website as applicable to referral cases. Mailed notice (ep)

12/05/2011 text entry

    • Docket Text: MINUTE entry before Honorable Matthew F. Kennelly: The parties disclosures and materials under the Local Patent Rules (LPR) are due as follows: LPR 2.1 12/23/11; LPR 2.2 1/6/12; LPR 2.3 1/20/12; LPR 2.5 2/3/12; LPR 3.1 6/1/12; LPR 3.2 6/29/12; LPR 4.1 7/13/12; opening claim construction brief is due 8/17/12; response is due 9/14/12; reply is due 9/28/12; joint claim construction chart and status report per LPR 4.2(f) is due 10/5/12. Claim construction hearing pursuant to LPR 4.3 is set for 11/9/12 at 10:00 a.m. The Court calls to the parties attention its decision in Illinois Computer Research, LLC v. Harpo Productions, Inc., 2010 WL 2136665 (N.D. Ill. May 26, 2010). (mk)

12/06/2011 status hearing

    • Docket Text: MINUTE entry before Honorable Matthew F. Kennelly:Rule 16(b)status hearing held on 12/5/2011, with attorneys for both sides. The case is referred to Magistrate Judge Gilbert to conduct a settlement conference. Status hearing is set for 2/7/2012 at 09:30 AM.Judicial staff mailed notice (gl)

12/02/2011 attorney appearance

  • Docket Text: ATTORNEY Appearance for Defendants John M. Gill, Sun Products USA, LLC. by Howard B. Rockman (Attachments: # (1) Notice of Filing)(Rockman, Howard)