Become a Great Golfer with Your Cell Phone

Capture, Analyze, Compare and Improve your game with Pro Session Golf by Nokia

They have now interagraded a way to help improve your golf game, on your cell phone. It was just a matter of time huh ?

Nokia has always been on the fore front of the newest and best technological advances with cell phones ever since they first came out.

But they have now taken it a step further, allowing you to take pictures and video clips of your golf swing. Then with built in programs and tools you can compare your swings and see where you may need improvement.

We try to help our visitors see the newest technology available to help improve their golf game. This is just one new way that we see becoming very popular among golfers. Nokia has made it very easy to help breakdown your golf swing by letting you see it. All from something that fits right in your pocket.

Bryan Saltus announces Golf.ingBy.Us

Ty Daniel’s is proud to announce its affiliation with Golfing By Us. Together we will be bringing you tips and insights into your golf game with the help of Bryan Saltus.

Golfing By Us is the support site of Pro Asian Tour player Bryan Saltus. Tune in for the inside track on Bryan’s experiences as a professional golfer and his adventures traveling the world with his clubs.

Bryan began golfing at 10 years old and has shown signs of great potential all along. He turned professional in 1996 and played on the pro mini-tours in the United States, winning 22 events. In 2001 he began playing on the Canadian Tour until 2004 when he joined the Asian Tour.

His best finish thus far in Asia was a 2nd in Korea at the GS Carktex Maekyung Open last year. This promises to be his best year yet as he has constantly progressed every season since turning pro.

Bryan is a dedicated and hard working professional and golf is his passion. He is unwavering in his intention to one day win the US Open.

Keep checking in for the latest in road words and tips from our seasoned in house golf pro.

Your 2007 Johnnie Walker Cambodia Open Champion, Bryan Saltus.

A hearty congratulations to Bryan for a wonderful finish to a strong year on the Asian Golf Tour. At one off the lead going into the final day Bryan got a birdie on the first hole to take the lead. He never looked back from there finishing with a -17 for the four rounds for a 3 stroke win. On the 18th hole of the final day he had a 4 stroke lead.

Before signing his score card and accepting the troph

Saltus dove into the nearby water hazard to celebrate !

Coyote Hills Glow Ball Moonlit Golf Tournament

 There will be a Orange County Glow Ball Golf Tournament on November 19th (11/19/11).
Coyote Hills Golf Course had its first annual “Glow Ball Golf Tournament”. Tee-off was at 6:30pm on a night with a Full Moon.

At first you might think.”Golf at Night?!?”

Yup! It was quite fun!

The tournament was 2 Man Best Ball, 9 hole shotgun start, on the back 9. Each player was given 2 glow golf balls, and could buy 1 more. Three balls maximum for each player. If a player lost all three balls, then they were out, or at least could not qualify for any prizes awarded in the tournament.

At first most golfers signing in were worried they would loose 3 balls easily and be done. But it turned out, you really had to shank one to loose it. Since the balls glow very bright, you can find the ball even if it was deep in the bushes.

How hard was it?

Well, at first it was quite difficult to get good contact. Its a but hard to square up the club face and also judge height, distance, etc. But after 15-20 minutes, your eyes adjust much more, the moon got higher and brighter in he sky and it was much easier.

Some golfers claimed, “I never want to play in sunlight again, only moonlight”, others whom had fun, but fell apart in the dark, (our group did on 3 holes).

How did the golf ball perform ??

Most golfers we talked to said about “2 Clubs” or 15% to 20% less distance. But once playing short game, the balls seem less different than a real ball. Putting was a bit awkward, the ball seem to have more bounce of the putter face.

How was it set-up ??

  • Small glowing pumpkins lit the tee box markers (mostly all front tees to shorten holes).
  • Red Glow sticks in the middle of the fairway, every so often to help “guide you”.
  • Each flag had a flashing glow top, to show you the position
  • Each cup had a bright glow bracelet inside to help you chip and putt.
  • Each golfer got a few glow sticks to wear or place on golf bag to help show other golfers where they were on the course.

  • It was a whole lot of fun!
  • It was a night all the players will always remember
  • The buffet dinner before the round was excellent
  • And as always the customer service from the Coyote Hills Staff was amazing

  • Hard to judge distance on shots
  • Hard to tell how far the golfers in front of you really are
  • Had to sign a safety waiver. (but its understandable, your playing golf at night)
What would we change about it ??

Probably not much, one thing for sure, would be to change how the holes were marked for distance at night.

They did have red glow sticks as a basic guide but, we would suggest having the standard blue, white, and red markers for 200, 150, & 100 yardage markers.

We think it might help give players distances on shots and also help players see how far golfers in front of them really are. No one wants to hit into the group ahead.

It should be held “Quarterly“, or “Monthly” not “Annually“. Who wants to wait a whole year to play in the next “Coyote Hills Glow Ball Golf Tournament”?

Guess we will all have to wait !!

This tournament was fully booked a week in advance, with a long waiting list. If you plan to go the next one make sure to sign-up early.

We would like to take a moment and really thank Coyote Hills for being brave enough to open their night time tournament to the public, and putting on a great evening.

If you are interested in holding a golf tournament at Coyote Hills, call and ask for Mike Hallowell at extension 222.

He is a nice guy and gives solid customer service. Or contact him by email:

We hear they put together great wedding packages too. You can ask for Ashlee or Selina at ext: 241 for catering and events or

Coyote Hills part of “American Golf Corporation” (714) 672-6800

Holiday Season Shopping Ideas

For holidays coming up everyone is always looking for the unique gift idea. For a golfer, there are a lot of accessories, spoof gifts, products, and more.

So much its hard to keep up with the new stuff. We recently were introduced to Tattoo Golf and took a liking to to their sick golf gear.

This shirt is simple and very fashionable, made of very high quality materials, and comes in 3 different colors. Notice the hint of splattered blood, kinda cool but not too out-there.

Then there are the gifts needed for those whom already have everything, they are the hardest people to shop for.

Well we bet that they dont have these

Solid black golf balls !

We have seen many colored golf balls even clear ones, but we hadn’t come across these before. Get a sleeve of 3 for a stocking stuffer, or a full dozen.

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Bridal Show

Sunday, February 22nd, at 11:00am – 4:00pm

Bride and Groom San Dimas Canyon Golf Course
2100 Terrebonne Avenue
San Dimas, CA 91773

Bridal Show at San Dimas Cayon Golf Course

Wedding at San Dimas Cayon Golf Course Wedding at San Dimas Cayon Golf Course Wedding at San Dimas Cayon Golf Course
  • Complimentary Admission
  • Come see our newly remodeled facility
  • Enjoy Free Hors d’oeuvres and Champagne
  • Meet with our Vendors for all of your Wedding Needs
  • Door Prizes and Free Parking

Please RSVP – Walk-ins also welcome

For more information please call: (909) 599-7459


Bridal Show at Coyote Hills Golf Course

Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Coyote Hills Golf Course
1440 East Bastanchury Road
Fullerton, CA 92835

Bridal Show at Coyote Hills Golf Course

  • Free Hors d’oeuvres
  • Champagne
  • Vendor Showcase


Inquire in the Catering Office for Details

Please RSVP – Walk-ins also welcome
(714) 672-6800 ext. 241

Jack and Jill Couples 9 Hole Tournament

February 15, 2009 @ 3:00pm

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course

2100 Terrebonne Ave
San Dimas, CA 91773

Quick Overview:
What better way to celebrate Valentines Day then golfing with the one you love. The Men Drive, the Women Putt and getting to the Green is a combined effort. Afterwards enjoy a delicious Italian Buffet complete with hors d’ oeuvres, wine and chocolate dipped strawberries. $60 per Couple or $40 for Dinner only. Contact the Pro Shop to make reservations.

    • Light Hors d’oeuvres
    • Italian Buffet
    • Wine Service
    • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Dinner


Stop the Tax on Golf in California

Well we are going to open comments for this

What are your thoughts Californian’s ??

Is golf a luxury ??

Because that is what is seems to come down to.

Golf may have been only for the rich many years ago, but nowadays you don’t have to be rich to play. More kids play the sport more than ever before, it has become very popular over the recent years with young adults too. This high tax on golf will only make it harder for people to play.

The way some of us here see it:

Golf club memberships, county club memberships, and any courses over $200.00 a round per-person. Are clearly for people that can afford it. And can be considered a luxury. So we can understand their idea of a tax on that.

Partial Memberships” like the “Coyote Club” at Coyote Hills Golf Course. (It’s a great deal, you pay a few hundred bucks for a year, and you get a discount plus twilight an hour early.)

Is that a luxury for a person or just a person trying to save money and price down the cost ?

Should they be taxed too ?

We should be making golf more affordable for everyone to play, not making it harder and more expensive.

Yes some golf can be considered a luxury, but where is the line $100 a round $150 more ?

Golf teaches people ethics, good manners, to respect others,promotes good health, and the list goes on.

What are your thoughts Californian’s

Mans body found on Tustin Ranch Golf Course

Just before 7am this morning (2/4/09) a groundkeeper at the course found the mans body on the green of the first hole of Tustin Ranch Golf Course.

It seemed to the police that the man did not come to play golf, and it turned out the the estimated time of dealth was actually 11pm the night before.

Sgt. Paul Garaven of the Tustin Police said: It looked like he came here to kill himself.

The man had died from a single gunshot wound. At this time the police are calling it a suicide, but they will be investigating this more.

For more on this story visit OC Register.