Three Putting Games to Help with Ball Control

You drive for show and putt for doe !” This just about covers it, just missing the fairway, ruff, and bunkers and water that make up the round. But the quickest way to lower your score is “lowering your putts“.

Getting down to 2 putts max per green is key !

If you could only putt once each hole, well anyone would settle for that. It’s the greens that end up with 3 or more putts that will keep you struggling to lower your handicap.

When you are practicing putting alone you can gain confidence with this tip, or even try to only use one ball, you might pay attention more and concentrate on each putt since you know you have to walk and get it.

But if you are practicing with others or at least one other person, you can try these three putting practice games.

  1. Closest short to win : So you try and work on control of your distance and leave the ball short but still trying to be as close as possible.
  2. Closest past to win : Again working on your control of the ball you want to pass the cup and leave it long, staying as close as you can.
  3. Make the putt to win : Well this one is pretty obvious, just make the putt first to win, you can play “Best out of 5” and loser buys drinks or snacks ;-)