Australian Golfers Have Kangaroo Hazards

Depending on where you play golf the hazards can vary from big sand traps or bunkers to “beachfront” water hazards lining a side of a fairway.

But some courses have “regulars” or “natives” that you have to watch out for. By that we mean mother nature, some mountain courses you have to watch out for bears, some bobcats or lynx, and even snakes !

At Coyote Hills golf course you have to watch out for, both snakes and squirrels. Signs say not to look for your ball in certain out-of-bounds areas because the possibility of poisonous rattle snakes.

Then the squirrels, the seem to plan ambushes to steal your snacks or lunch right off your golf cart. You park your cart by the green and once you go to putt they attack your cart and run off into the woods with your food.

“Sun City Golf Course” in Australia, you have kangaroo hazards !
Not that they will attack you, or poison you, but they might try and steal food from you. The kangaroos seem to coexist on the course and create a great atmosphere.

Sun City Country Club is one of the top ten courses in Western Australia, and has also made it on the list of the top 50 golf courses in Australia nationwide.

For more information on this course you can visit there website, or visit them just a 15 minute drive from Mindarie.