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How to Fly with Your Golf Clubs

The most important part of golf travel is making the plans. That is where we come in, Ty Daniels can help pack in all the rounds of golf and entertainment that you can fit in your trip. By having all your tee times and entertainment planned you can just go through the motions of a […]

How to Pack Your Golf Clubs For a Flight.

Pick your case The first thing you have to do when packing your golf clubs is to pick your traveling case. You really have two basic choices, soft case or a hard case. A soft case is quit easy most of the time, but we do not recommend the use of soft cases when traveling […]

Flying with Delta and Your Golf Clubs

Here is a quick travel tip when flying with your golf clubs on Delta Airlines within the United States. Keep your golf travel case or bag under 50 pounds. Even if you are a few pounds over they will charge you $25.00. But of course there are exceptions, if you are a Medallion Member they […]

New York Golf

New York state boosts some of the most beautiful golf courses, and with 600 private and public courses to choose from, any golfer is satisfied. An obvious first choice would have to be Bethpage State Park, the largest public golf facility in the world, home to 5 18-hole courses. If a private course is more […]

Australian Golfers Have Kangaroo Hazards

Depending on where you play golf the hazards can vary from big sand traps or bunkers to “beachfront” water hazards lining a side of a fairway. But some courses have “regulars” or “natives” that you have to watch out for. By that we mean mother nature, some mountain courses you have to watch out for […]